How to Determine the Right Frequency for Your Email Campaigns

How to Determine the Right Frequency for Your Email Campaigns

Posted on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How often should you press the button?

With email marketing, how much is too much? The line between useful marketing and obnoxious spam is thin and varies from industry to industry and from customer to customer. Still, there are some guidelines that have come together over time that show just how and when you should hit send on that latest email.

How Many Is Too Many?

You know what makes people unsubscribe. The number one response when customers are asked why they want off the list is “too many emails.” But how many emails is too many? What it really boils down to is a question of value to your customer. Customers want email of value, and content that does not deliver value is likely to be marked as spam.

The question is, what does your audience value most? Look closely at your market research, what products sell the most, what pages of your site are drawing the most attention, what draws the most response from social media, and use that as a guide to break up your email list into segments, or lists that cater to a specific topic.

Secondly, consider what you are selling. If you are running a daily sale with different products every day, then a daily email campaign makes sense. If you are running a newsletter and are struggling to find something interesting to say every day, consider stepping back.

How Many Are Being Opened?

Another question to ask is whether your emails are working. For example, if your goal of your email campaign is to get click throughs on links, how often do you see those on weekly emails versus semi-weekly? Do you get more reaction from videos in your email than text posts? Data is not everything, of course, but it is a good starting point to build on future campaigns.

Remember that the interests and needs of your customers shift over time. Never hesitate to experiment, especially if you see nudges in the data that encourage you to try something new. Do not be shy about asking customers about their email preferences directly! Customers want to hear from you, and showing that you listen can make a deep impression on customers.

Send email out at the right time, for every customer.

What Is Your Busiest Time?

Every business has ebbs and flows in business from week to week, month to month, even season to season. There is a busy time for every industry, even evergreen ones with rapid growth. In some cases, the busy season is obvious; ski resorts will be busier with their marketing campaigns in winter than summer, while movie theaters will be building up for the weekend, not the weekday.

So, look closely at the ebb and flow of your business, and consider your campaigns accordingly. That will offer a better guide to when you should send out emails.

How Many Are Your Competitors Sending?

Likely you are subscribed to your competitors' email campaigns, and if not, you should be. It is useful to see the frequency with which they are sending out emails. Why are they using that frequency? Are they marketing a new product? Are they engaging in customer outreach? Do they change frequency depending on the campaign?

Each business needs a different email marketing strategy. Even within industries, your needs can vary enormously from company to company. But by looking at the data, looking at past success, and asking your customers, you will work out the strategy that is right for you. To get started with truly effective email campaigns, sign up for Metasend today!

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