Five Email Marketing Myths to Ditch Today

Five Email Marketing Myths to Ditch Today

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Do not let email myths derail your campaign!

Any industry has its myths. For email marketing, the amount of misinformation, well-meaning but wrong-headed advice, and just outright mistakes can feel overwhelming. This article aims to cut through the clutter and clear away some of these myths.

Email Myth Number One: You Have to Keep It Short!

There is nothing wrong with concision. Being clear and direct in your copy should be your goal. However, “concise” is not interchangeable with “short.” A “concise” summary of War and Peace is still going to run a few pages!

The length of your email should be dictated by your subject and what you need to say. Sometimes, you are going to send a long email. Other times, your users might open it to find two sentences. Be concise, but if your email needs to be a bit longer than usual to get your point across effectively, that is okay.

Email Myth Number Two: Fancy Is Always Better!

A branded email with HTML effects and a careful polish is a beautiful thing. It looks professional, it communicates technical skill, and it aligns with brand messaging. Here is a question, though. Will anybody other than you notice?

The sad truth is that most emails are read as plain text. Your users may have disabled HTML as a security measure, or because they find HTML in emails annoying, or they simply want to save space in a crammed inbox. This does not mean you should not brand or use HTML on emails, but it does mean that any marketing needs to start with the plain text. Clean copy, grammatically correct and error-free, is the best tool to make your content stand out.

Email Myth Number Three: Your Biggest Enemy Is the Unsubscribe!

There is nothing, in some quarters, more dreaded than the unsubscribe link. Why? The entire goal of email marketing is to contact people who want to hear from you. Talking to people who could not care less what you have to say is a waste of time and effort as far as your business is concerned. Unsubscribe data is only concerning if there is a sudden, drastic spike or some other indication that something else is going wrong. If you do not observe such an event, then unsubscribes are not worth much concern.

Email myths can really get to your head.

Email Myth Number Four: Send on Tuesdays!

The logic goes that people get caught up Monday, are fully engaged Wednesday and Thursday, and are cleaning up for the weekend by Friday, so Tuesday is the best day to grab them. It might be, depending on your industry and engagement, but there is no “magic” day of the week to send email marketing. It is going to lean heavily both on what you are marketing and when users most engage with you. That could be Tuesday. It could be Saturday. Let your data, not a myth, decide.

Email Myth Number Five: Never Send An Email Twice!

There are plenty of marketing experts who will tell you to never send the same email twice, as new messages every time add a personal touch or at least seem less robotic. However, this ignores three simple truths: writing fresh copy for the same events can be time-consuming, nobody has a 100 percent open rate, and no matter how brilliant the copy, your users probably may not remember it. For new products, changes in operations, and new marketing approaches, by all means, write new copy. For your monthly 20 percent off sale, why not just tweak it a little bit.

If you want your email campaigns to really get results, it is best to ditch the myths surrounding email marketing and think more deeply about your own industry and customers. After all, your customers are the ones that determine how successful your emails are in the long run. Need more help with email marketing? Sign up for Metasend today!

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